Lighting. A small element, big impact. Such a tiny element that can make or break a room’s environmental appeal. Imagine yourself in the kitchen, where your only source of light is the beautiful yet very subtle glow of a wall sconce. (Good luck dicing those onions.)


Lighting in a log home can be a bit trickier than in a stick home. It is estimated that the logs and dark stain are capable of absorbing about 50% of the light. It’s also highly recommended that you get it right the first time. It’s a lot easier to install lights while the home is being built. Trying to cover wires can become quite difficult after the home has been completed. We suggest that you consult a lighting expert first before construction begins. It’s a lot easier to do it right away than to come back and do it after.


There are 3 main types of lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. Each is an expert in their own field.

Look at ambient lighting as the base layer of lighting. Lighting from chandeliers, flush and semi-flush mounts, pendants, etc., provides an equal amount of light throughout the room. Even though it’s the main source of lighting, you won’t want it to be the only source. Having the correct layers of light sources is critical to getting the desired feel.

 Accent lighting is purposeful! It creates a focus on what you want to highlight. Imagine sitting in your living room admiring those beautiful timber trusses. Now imagine looking up at the same trusses, but this time illuminated and glowing. In this way, it becomes visually appealing, creating a sense of “show” or interest among those who are interested in seeing it.

Now that the finesse has been handled, let’s get down to work. The task light is the workhorse of the group. Task lights allow the right amount of bright light to your workspace without adding shadows or glare that distract your view. Whether it’s the task lamp on your desk or that main light over your kitchen counter – task lights reduce eye strain and just make things easier to see.

Light plays a significant role in our lives. They can be used to set the mood, provide a sense of security, and create a comfortable atmosphere. Lighting is essential. Lighting is purposeful and it matters very much to get it right.