Summertime – it’s hot!  And in the South, it’s hot and humid!  During these months, we do our best to stay outside as long as we can, but retreat back to the cool temperatures of the inside of our homes.  Those cool temperatures can come at a high cost though.  If it were up to me, I’d run my AC as much as I could.  I like it cold, especially at night.  But, reality sets in when I get my utility bill and it’s much higher than I’d like to pay.  Fortunately, we live in a log home, a hybrid to be exact (a mix of log and traditional dry wall).  I like to say that we have the best of both worlds – where log and dry wall meet to make a glorious combination!  The main body and center of our home is full log on log.  During the extremely hot summer months, I am able to bump my thermostat up easily 5-6 degrees, where it actually stops my air conditioning from running and it still feels cool in our home.   Saving us tremendously on electric bills!

How are log homes able to retain a cooler interior?  If you were to put a piece of wood under a microscope, you would see thousands upon thousands of tiny pockets.  These tiny cellulose air pockets help to insulate the home, hence making logs a natural insulator.  Keeping cool air from the morning in, and then slowly releasing it during the day to maintain the home at a comfortable and cool temperature. And you guessed it, it is the same concept for the cooler months and keeping it warm and cozy.  This all starts with a properly designed log home.

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your log home is still properly sealed.  Spring and fall are the perfect times to walk around and inspect for any chinking or caulking that may need to be replaced or sealed.  Perma-Chink offers many great products that you can easily use to maintain yourself.  Ensuring that your home will be at its highest insulated performance.  Give us a call and mention the word ALHSUMMER, and we’ll take 10% off your next order of Perma-Chink insulating products!  (offer ends September 2022)

Don’t dread these hot summer months.  Enjoy peace of mind and the comfort of your log home.