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Dave Carter Sr. graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1966. He’s a proud supporter and former player for the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team. Graduating with a degree in Education, his passion was always in art and his love for drafting and architecture led him into construction where he learned how to build from his father. He had always admired the design of the Appalachian style of log homes that the Smoky Mountain region is known for. An opportunity presented itself and he took the challenge of building Appalachian Log Homes in 1980.

With his son in his shadows, Dave Jr learned from the bottom and worked his way up. From cleaning after crews, to the laboring task of hand hewing timbers just like the settlers did. Dave Jr has decades of building experience and timber proficiency.   Learning the importance of relationships and loyalty, Dave Jr has helped grow Appalachian Log Homes into what is now Appalachian Log & Timber Homes, adapting to the new styles and expectations of today.

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