Getting Competitive Bids

The experience of building a log or timber home, making the vision become a reality, is extraordinary and may take place only once in a lifetime. The advantage of previous experience is often absent. Therefore, consulting professionals becomes critical to the process—from the beginning.

This article in Log Cabin Homes Magazine presents some experts who give sage advice about comparing bids from different log & timber companies.



Anatomy of a Timber Frame

A timber frame provides not only an exquisite structure for the home, but also supports the weight of the roof by transferring the load to the principal posts and foundation. However, the timber frame material components are many and can be confusing.

This article in Timber Home Living provides handy illustration as a guide to timber frame terminology.



Green Building Conserves Energy and Resources

Although many people think that green building means expensive, way-out designs and a return to purely natural materials, the real answer is using a best-practices approach and looking at the home as a complete, interactive system made up of many different parts.

This article in covers all the important aspects of green building.