Keeping Your Log Home Dry

We have all seen how Mother Nature can produce powerful rainstorms. Download this article on these subjects so you will be properly prepared. Here are some questions:

  • We get some amazing summer rain in our neck of the woods. What are some general rules of thumb for keeping water away from my foundation?
  • Before I build my house, what are the biggest steps I can take to keep water out of my basement?
  • I’m already in my house and sometimes get water in my basement. What can I do to keep it out?
  • I’ve heard that some homeowners forgo gutters, but isn’t the idea to usher water off your roof and away from your home?
  • My yard looks like a minefield after some summer storms. How do I keep erosion to a minimum?
  • I don’t have a paved driveway; we have gravel and stone. Problem is, when we get lots of rain, my investment washes away — is there any way to prevent this?