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The early pioneer woodcrafters knew that homes built from well-hewn, rectangular logs with skillfully notched dove-tailed corners were sturdy and enduring. Our two log profiles, Traditional and Dov Loc adhere to these pioneer principles.

[wpc_featured_box image=”469″ title=”Traditional Profile” link=”|title:Traditional%20Profile|”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”470″ title=” Rustic Profile” link=”|title:Rustic%20Profile|”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”471″ title=”DovLoc Profile” link=”|title:DovLoc%20Profile|”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”473″ title=” Log Siding” link=”|title:Log%20Siding|”]
[wpc_featured_box image=”474″ title=” Round Logs” link=”|title:Round%20Logs|”]
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