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Essentials for the Coziest Guest Room Ever

Lhtl Essentials For The Coziest Guest Room Ever

8 Tips to Design Your Dream Home

Devising a floor plan that satisfies can prove to be something of a challenge, and it’s likely that you won’t get it right the first time — but don’t worry. It’s common to go through several drafts and revisions, tweaking the size and adjusting the scale. This article from Log Home & Timber Living outlines eight smart steps to design success.

3 Approaches to Safeguard Your Log Home

What log maintenance projects can you tackle yourself and when should you call a pro? This article from Log Home & Timber Living has a few Log home stain manufacturers and restoration experts weigh in with their best advice. \

Behind the Buzzword: Hybrid Homes

s consumers, we are besieged by marketing buzzwords dozens, if not hundreds, of times a day. The concept of a “hybrid” is one of them. Over the past 20 years, the term has been applied to everything from tomatoes to transportation. This article from Log Home & Timber Living is an excellent primer of what this term means in the Log Home arena.

How to Buy Lakeshore

If you’re considering buying lakeshore property, you could be making one of the largest and most important investment decisions of your life. Read this article from to Learn all you can about your potential lake before you make an offer.

Building With Energy-Efficient Products

According to the Log Homes Council, a typical log home is up to 15 percent more energy efficient than an identical stick-framed structure, thanks to the durability and thermal mass of logs. This article in Timber Home Living covers the top three areas where it makes the most sense to go “green” in your home: heating and cooling systems; windows and doors; and roofing.

Tips for Building a Log Cabin Under 1,000 Square Feet

Many of us believe that “Small is More!” and this article in Log Home and Timber Living presents 5 smart tips for building a log home you’ll love in 1,000-square-feet or less. Plus, example floor plans!

Should You Renovate or Rebuild?

families are wondering whether it’s best to renovate or rebuild their cabin. This article in presents six questions that you should ask when considering the renovate-versus-rebuild dilemma.

Delineate Space in your Open Floor Plan With Rugs

In today’s open-plan homes, airy open living spaces are more popular than ever, offering unobstructed interior views that allows us to move freely between living, dining and kitchens spaces. Great area rugs emphasize each space, anchor them, tie furniture arrangements together.