We provide a residential structural warranty of your Appalachian Home

We provide you with a comprehensive 10-year “Limited Warranty Agreement” underwritten by Residential Warranty Corporation, a nationwide insurance company and at no additional charge. The plan enhances lender appeal and is transferable should you decide to sell your home.

Each builder who provides the RWC warranty must first meet stringent standards for competence and professionalism. RWC found Appalachian Log Homes to be financially stable, technically competent, and consumer oriented.

Appalachian Log Homes and RWC warrant that the major structural components of your new home provided by Appalachian Log Homes will be free from defects for 10 years.

Other advantages available with the RWC warranty provided with Appalachian Log Homes are:

Excellent Dispute handling System offering a conciliation meeting at no charge to you
RWC’s Warranty is automatically transferable to subsequent homeowners should you decide to sell your home
Peace of Mind knowing your home is covered with a 10 Year Limited Warranty