6 Tips for Flooring in Your Log Home

This article from Log Home Living magazine will give you the information on:

  • What type of flooring is a better value — hardwood, linoleum, carpet, or engineered wood?
  • What are some of the main characteristics of American hardwoods?
  • How do you know what kind of finish to use when having a hardwood floor installed?
  • Does using American hardwoods contribute to deforestation and the danger of these types of trees ultimately disappearing?
  • Aren’t hardwood floors tough to maintain?



Cozy Comfort in a Wide Open Space

Although they were not actually looking for abundant acreage, the site was something special. Mount Baldy rises more than 8,900 feet above the valley floor northeast of Townsend, and the owners chose to build as high on its slope as possible.



Forever Classic

These days, when people decide to build a log home, either as a primary or secondary residence, it is most likely the feeling of timelessness that draws them and resonates. This article from Log Cabin Homes can teach you a lot about creating a legacy home that will outlive today’s fads and decorating trends.

A closer look at the top three roofing options– asphalt, metal and cedar-may reveal what’s right for you.