Log Home Floor Plan Basics: Ten Tips

Your floor plan is the roadmap to your new home, and you’re in the driver’s seat. Get ready to start the engine with these tips. This informative article From Log Home Living Magazine lists ten tips to assist with your floor plan.


Log Home Floor Plan Basics: Ten Tips

Decorative Wood Decor

Character logs can serve any number of architectural and decorative functions. In using them as support posts in entryways or great rooms, some clients choose to leave the branches on them to provide an even greater rustic feel to their homes. Cut in half, they can also be used as fireplace mantel.



Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

As scientists warn about climate change with increasing urgency, eco-friendliness is on everyone’s mind. The average house can be extraordinarily wasteful with a massive impact on the local environment. While Energy Star appliances are a great start, there are other, even easier things we all can do to improve a home’s eco-friendliness.

This article from our guest blogger Lucy Crawford describes how supporting the local ecosystem is important in keeping plants, animals, and people healthier in your area.